Theory Applied: Two case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of music therapy in treating the whole person = Teoria aplicada: dois estudos de caso demonstrativos da eficácia da Musicoterapia no tratamento global da pessoa

Robin Rio


Music therapy is effective in treating a variety of health concerns, promoting wellness and creating an inclusive culture of ethical, compassionate care. Through descriptions of thriving community and university based programs and highlighting individual work with clients engaged in music therapy treatment processes, goal-directed and evidence-based practice is uncovered and analyzed.

The music therapist provides care to those who are experiencing specific disabilities and challenges. Clients may be socially disadvantaged, have difficulty learning, or find themselves unable to maintain meaningful relationships. They also have multiple strengths and needs at any moment in time, and music therapy is able to address those needs, whether they are physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual in nature. The therapist draws from theoretical frameworks informed by neuroscience and biology, psychology and human development, community music and sociology, and spirituality in order to address those challenges and draw on their strengths and needs.

Through careful assessment and goal directed interventions, the therapist provides attention to immediate needs while maintaining steady progress toward long term goals. As these needs and abilities change, the therapist will adjust the treatment approach to provide the most meaningful interventions. By staying informed of prominent theories and evidence based practices that are most suited to his/her clients, the flexible music therapist will be prepared to treat the whole person with knowledge and support from a variety of perspectives.

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